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Company News About Hasltec Engineering Co., Ltd
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Hasltec Engineering Co., Ltd

Latest company news about Hasltec Engineering Co., Ltd

Three years covid epidemic bring huge changes to every Chinese enterprise, every industry. And such change brings more burdern and pressure to traditional wall material industry. China environment protection policy pushes all machinery enterprised to do necessary upgrade and transition, positively search the opportunity to transfer business from China to other countries. 


Under this situation, Halstec Engineering Co., Ltd comes into the public eyes, by combing the advantages of brick machinery company and kiln company.  International market is huge, and it needs comprehensive technology power to conduct whole brick factory design, machine supply, kiln design, kiln construction work.  As the subcompany of Golden Bull and Yaxin Kiln, Hasltec is running as new role, to serve whole world customers. 



Our advantages: 

-have more than  20 years' history for internaitonal brick factory business


-own an elite team which can provide technology design, customization, trouble-shooting


-different proposles for tunnel kiln, rotary kiln, natural gas twice-setting sytem, etc


-combine the advatages of kiln company and machinery company


-small, medium and high invetment for different customer requirements


-international service team can ensure in-time, and professional technology support


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